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FREE Get Fit Starter PAckage

Anyone who is new to CrossFit will get the opportunity to start with a free Get Fit Starter package with no obligation to continue. The purpose of this session is to get to know you and your unique goals, to determine the best path to success, and to show you what the Kiss My CrossFit community is all about!

Get Fit Starter is a 15-minute one-on-one session at our gym where you will get the following:

✓  You'll meet with one of our coaches so we can learn about you and your fitness goals.

✓  We'll create a workout plan for you to achieve your SPECIFIC goals— whether that’s looking good, being healthy, burning fat, building lean muscle or all of these.

✓  We'll show you around the gym while explaining the every day components of a class so you can be ready to jump-in from the start.

✓  You'll be introduced to our community and taken through a class to start your journey toward getting fit!

✓  Finally, we'll invite you back to try us out a couple more times!

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Congrats on taking the first step to improving your fitness!

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We’ve trained hundreds of people of all fitness levels to get amazing results.

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One of our team members will contact you to schedule a time to come to our gym and go through Get Fit Starter.

Why would we give away this $100 value for free? We know that most people will have enjoyed their experience so much and understand the results they'll achieve at our gym, they'll want to join and become full time members. And if you decide not to continue, we completely understand. We'll be happy you gave us a try and you'll leave with fitness and nutrition knowledge that’ll serve you for a lifetime. 

To schedule your FREE Get Fit Starter package, fill in your info.

—KMC Team